Blessing T

July Blessing T

In 2010, when Wing T’s took flight, the vision was always to use the company God built to truly be His hands and feet.  The past 5 years we have tried to be sure to use every opportunity He’s given us to reach out.  Now, Wing T’s would like to invite you to help us reach even further.  Our heart may have just been small, but together with your help we know we can do even bigger things to leave a mark of Love, a piece of Hope, and a touch of Healing on this world. 

Join us every month as we partner with different organizations to Be a Blessing to those who need it most.  ALL net proceeds of each Blessing T will be donated to the organization recognized for that month.

For the month of July we are partnering with the Flag Poles Honoring Our Veterans organization! They are a nonprofit organization that honors our veterans by installing flag poles for them! A small gesture that shows just how appreciated they are for the major sacrifices that he or she has made by fighting for our country! They do all of this by donations! So be a blessing this month to a veteran who has fought for our great country and buy one of these awesome T’s!

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Thank you for joining us on our monthly mission to be a Heartbeat of Hope!

A Heartbeat of Hope

January- In Memory of Hailey Henderson February – Conquering CHD-Oklahoma
March – Wyatt’s Wings
April – CASA Voices For Children, Inc.
May – Clay Chaney Memorial Scholarship Fund
June – USO
July – Flag Poles Honoring Veterans
August – The McKenzie Horton Make a Difference Scholarship in Memory of McKenzie Horton September – Beautiful Day Foundation
October – Miss Sawyer’s “Kids With A Cause”
November – Shriners Hospital in Honor of Case Heavin
December – Landrie Turner Foundation